PayPal for Romania: Now available, send only

PayPalPayPal now allows users from Romania to register an send only account (Personal / Premiere / Business). That means you can only send money trough Paypal, with funds fueled from a Credit Card.

If you want to receive money (or to have any other type of Paypal merchant services) you will have to wait.

PayPal Romania PayPal Romania

Via Sandossu (with an additional check by me, just to be sure).

Update: The official PayPal Press Release about the expansion to 190 markets worldwide. From it, we learn that PayPal currently has 143 million accounts globally. In the first quarter of 2007, PayPal’s total payment volume was over $11 billion. So we can estimate an aproximate total of $45 billion sales for 2007.

Update 2: Everyone can see what are the services supported for his country, in this very easy to use interface.

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17 thoughts on “PayPal for Romania: Now available, send only”

  1. you willlll have to wait looooooong loooooong time!!!
    i am waiting 2 years already and there’s been no progress.

  2. Thanks Johan for pointing out my thread :)

    About PayPal I think is one important step, until now we waited to open accounts now we will wait for the possibility to receive funds.

  3. This page will get a lot of hits Cristi :) And YES! it’s been sooo damn long time! Like 3-4 years of waiting … I hope they’ll turn on receiving funds too asap :)

  4. Lol, i just made an account for Romania, and they don`t even accept my credit cards, so it`s useless!

  5. Just move to Canada, like I did and you’ll have everything you want (except the friends from home :D )

  6. So, you sell links on directories never used by real humans, just so people can try to get higher page rank? And you openly threaten to spam, right here on your blog submission form?

    I bet you make some money, but talent like yours should be redirected into far more ethical endeavors.

  7. So how come sells CD’s using paypal?

    Andrei Giurgiu, my card was accepted very easy but why use paypal when moneybookers gives us full options? Just because americans do? … them.

  8. It seems that Paypal finally allows users to receive money in Romania. We also have the option of withdrawing money directly to our credit/debit card, which is very cool!

  9. Lots of diffrent responses here.
    I run a fundatzia that could use Paypal.

    What’s the status of Paypal in Romania?

    Can we receive funds (foreign funds) in Romania through Paypal?

    va multumesc!

  10. Hi there,

    Sorry to ask, what I need to open a paypal account, what credt card or account I must made, must be only in us dolars or?
    Please let me know soon.



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