8 thoughts on “Matt Cutts is back in Top100 Technorati”

  1. This is not the case here. Imagine how low anything would be if Microsoft would not exist. Or Google, or Slashdot, or anything else :)

    The case is, he’s popular. And NOT such a big deal to have 2500 links from 2500 websites, with his position.

    When you say SEO you say Matt Cutts.

  2. You think this will last? He’s on vacation for the whole month of June. People have short memories Cristian :)

    He’s so popular, I don’t think he could manage the comments anymore and keep a full time job.

  3. It’s raining now, like hell, and i can’t think of a way to get back home tommorow, from work. This is why.

    Other than that .. I’m just launching a few other websites.

    As for the fresh content, this is my personal blog.. It’s not a place where there are rules or such :) I can post daily or once a month.

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