Matt Cutts Hacked ? April 1st or …

Matt Cutts’s blog is hacked ? or is it an April 1st joke again, as Google got us used to… :)

If this is indeed a hack, apparently, it’s a Romanian hacking team :(.

Matt Cutts Hacked

Still, the move seems pretty prepared.

Thanks for the tip Michael M..

Update: Matt now “hacked” the “hacking team’s website”. Way to go Matt :)

Of course I’m lying when I make everyone believe that content is King.
Of course black hat SEO and spamdexing are the only Kings.
Google is just a stupid algorithm relying on spammy backlinks.
But you guys had no right to let everyone know. That’s why I defaced your bloody DST site. To show the entire world how evil a white hat can be.

In fact, I’m as evil as my employer ;-)
All your backlinks are belong to us !

Dark SEO Team

Update, thanks to Eric.

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9 thoughts on “Matt Cutts Hacked ? April 1st or …”

  1. I’m sure he would’ve fixed it by now if it was for real. His site has been “defaced” last night, so it’s already been a good 16 hours since then. Plenty of time to take action, if the threat was real.

  2. Matt Cutts revealed it to be a hoax, his blog is back online. I must agree though that this was one of the best hoaxes this Fool’s Day has seen. Not even Gmail Paper came close to it.

    Regards, George

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