Internet Explorer 7 optimized for Google

Ok. I never thought this day will come, but since I wrote about Internet Explorer 7 optimized for Yahoo, Google has issued his own version of Internet Explorer 7 optimized for Google:

Optimized for Google with:

Google homepage you can personalize
Google Toolbar
Google Search as your default

When will the pain end ?

Later edit: Apparently, Jeremy noticed that Google’s Internet Explorer 7 optimized page was designed in a copy/paste manner with Yahoo’s previous one. Google has now changed the page to look different then Yahoo’s.

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9 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 7 optimized for Google”

  1. I am frustrated with my access to my Favorites list-I keep getting a pop-up window stating that I do not have access.
    Is this because that the Internet Explorer-7 has not been optimized for Google’s access.

  2. I’m wondering why they support Firefox (adsense refferals and also slim banners on home page – checcout google) and in the same time they release IE optimized for Google. Thats shame! Internet is too cool for IE!

  3. I think the biggest problem is knowledge – most of the users (as you said 40%) even don’t know there could be alternative browser. They just got their paid windows version with all the software in it. Even worst – they think the blue icon with E is the only gateway to internet.. So spread the word! :)

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