Google Video

An excellent Google video released in February on Youtube.

Short version:

  • Google gets 200 million searches per day, worldwide, and owns about 100.000 computers (read my other interesting article: Search engine trends in 2006)
  • A few words on Googlism
  • Life in the Google Plex
  • Pictures of Sergey Brin and Larry Page’s first Google Office – their freakin’ garage. Larry never finished his PhD. His mom is bugging him though every week.
  • Sergey talks about searches worldwide, in a visual environment.
  • Brin and Larry pictures when Google went public with the Nasdaq stocks. We also learn that each one of them worths 6 billion USD.
  • John Battelle on Google’s corporate vision. John also comments different aspects of Google, throughout the video.
  • Marissa Meyer on Google’s Keyhole (satellite imagery and positioning system) as well as the advertising system (Adwords).
  • Eric Schmidt (CEO) on Google’s e-commerce potential and advertising as well as vision.
  • Google’s engineer Alan Huston on hirings in Google. They want the best. Check out some of the questions that they ask.

PS: Sorry for such a long inactivity period. I promise to get back.

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