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Following Robert’s “everyone should make a buck” idea, would you like to participate in a Google user study?

What are they after ? Cetainly not involving having electrodes attached to your body. They will just research the data you send them, might ask you for an interview or even send you a prototype to try it out and give them feedback on it.

And wait, it’s paid ? :

Yes – it depends on the type of study, but typically we pay $75 for each hour that you spend with a Google researcher, either in person or on the phone. Most studies last for one to one-and-a-half hours. We don’t pay for your travel time, or travel expenses, though. For online surveys, which you complete from your own computer, the amount varies, depending on the length of the survey.

They have a FAQ about this survey too.

So what if you don’t live in the USA ? Can you still sign up ? :

Yes. Most of our studies take place at our HQ in Mountain View, California, but we have offices all over the world. Also, wherever you are, you can participate in a study remotely (from your computer), or fill in an online survey.

Go ahead and win those $75 per hour or be amongst the few to get unreleased services to test.

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