Google brings up pages from 1 year ago

Using a site: search, Google brings pages that stopped existing on my server one year ago, and puts them as supplemental results …

What the heck am I supposed to do now ?

1 year old page - search 1 year old page

I have these problems with the search part of Google :

1. It indexes 10% or less then the normal number of pages he should index (this happens to me on websites that are 6-7 years old too, Pr7, with links from Microsoft, Skype, etc..). The admited the site: operator problem in the past.

2. It assigns false PR (a larger score than it should assign, thus making link selling fake and fraud). The most recent PR update only lasted a day and we all thought that it was meant to fix the old screwed PR update (almost all webmasters reported PR decreasing for the websites that got their first PR on the 04/04 Pr update).

3. It allows two weeks old websites to have 5 billion pages indexed (half of Google’s index), without having ANY automatic algorithm to detect these anomalies.. I mean they removed the website(s) only after a story in Threadwatch appeared. Their explanation ? “bad data push”.. There.. it’s fixed.

4. It hides (I can’t call it a ban because the website have all the other pages, looking with the site: operator) the index pages of so many websites ..

5. It banned my Adsense account without any reason at all (or at least it wasn’t my fault) and I had to wait 5-6 days with a LOT of websites having empty white spaces as wanna-be ads and with search pages (using Adsense for search) that said “this user is in violation of bla bla” ..

How did my visitors react ? I can say: I have about 30 e-mails with people saying :

Hey man I won’t pay your service.. I saw that “violation stuff”… I mean are your services safe ?

I will write a post in the next few days, on how I got my Adsense account back .. A lot of people asked me to do it..

Moreover, publishers are scared to go on vacation because of click fraud.

So, the end result ? If we professionals can’t deal with the problems .. How can a noob webmaster deal with them ?

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  1. 1 year ? lol, I made my first website 3 years ago, the domain expired and website was dropped. But Google have kept it in its database for all the time, even though the website does not exist. But all that website results are tagged as Suplemental results. I hate Google.

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