Adsense’s EFT now available for 3 more countries

In May 2006, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, and Poland were accepted. Now three more. Alexa Bruce just wrote it in Adsense’s Blog.

Are you a publisher located in the Czech Republic, Finland, or Slovakia? If so, we’re happy to let you know that Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is now available to you.

Altough I have reduced my Adsense usage to nearly nothing (thus a nearly empty monthly check), I hate everyone. Romania‘s not IN yet (it’s the ideea that counts).

What is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) ? (if you still don’t know, it’s really bad).

So the full list of 24 supported countries is this now:

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Canada
  5. Czech Republic
  6. Denmark
  7. Finland
  8. France
  9. Germany
  10. Ireland
  11. Italy
  12. Japan
  13. Netherlands
  14. New Zealand
  15. Norway
  16. Poland
  17. Portugal
  18. Slovakia
  19. Spain
  20. Sweden
  21. Switzerland
  22. Turkey
  23. United States
  24. United Kingdom

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12 thoughts on “Adsense’s EFT now available for 3 more countries”

  1. Matt, What about Mexico? I receive a fat Adsense check every month, but takes too long to have the money, since I have to receive the check via Ocasa and sell the document to an Exchange house, don´t forget Mexico, I pray every day EFT service will be available soon for my Country.

  2. I don’t see why they don’t have EFT for Romania yet :(.. Starting 1 january Romania is part of European Union and also here in Romania are some very bug Google AdSense earners including but not limited to,,

    So , when can we expect that EFT to be available in Romania?

  3. As fast as possible. If Matt posted that he’ll pass on a few words, it doesn’t mean that we’ll have it tomorrow.

    Actually, it doesn’t even mean that EFT will be available any time sooner.

    Got my point ?

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