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Remember when Feedburner aquired Blogbeat ? Well, they are ready to make a blog stats/analytics plugin of their own, and release ot to the public, free.

Since Performancing will close their Metrics service pretty soon (or make it open-source, although I doubt that), and since Google is not ready yet with their MeasureMap service (I emailed them about a beta test account, or an aproximate release date, and they didn’t had any info for me, except “it’s coming”), the Feedburner stats will be your best choice.

Some image previews:

FeedBurner: Blog Stats Dashboard

FeedBurner: Recent Visitor Detail

FeedBurner: Visitor Summary and City Cloud

And beeing integrated with all the stats of your RSS feeds, it’s pretty cool. All your needs in once place. Good job FeedBurner.

PS: Did you guys knew that now you can select the Romanian language too, for your RSS page at FeedBurner ? Courtesy of …. me.

Later Edit: I never knew this, but apparently FeedBurner has a VERY big forum.

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18 thoughts on “Feedburner goes Analytics”

  1. The RSS stats are updated once a day. So I presume that the blog stats will have the same update frequency, sadly.

    Maybe someone from Feedburner could give us a tip about the updating frequency.

  2. Cristian – Updates on site stats are throughout the day, not the 1x/day for feed stats. I’m sure we’ll be explaining more about this in the near term once we officially roll things out, so keep an eye on our forums for more info.


    Rick Klau
    VP, Publisher Services

  3. Hey Rick.

    But as an aprox. figure, how many times a day will the Blog stats be updated ? Could you say real-time ? Or several times an hour ? Or hourly ?

    You got the point.

    Thanks :)

  4. Grrrrr I WANT that for Xmas. Since Performancing announced that stupid move I was curious who’s gonna take their place. Now I know.

    BTW G Analytics does it hourly too (at least they claim that but I don’t see it)

  5. Hi all –

    Thought you’d all like to know that we just announced our stats service, which is now available for everyone to use. Details are here; feel free to ping me with any questions (at rickk@feedburner.com). Thanks for the interest!


    Rick Klau
    VP, Publisher Services

  6. Yes, I had seen this one already on my feedburner account. They do great things in terms of RSS Stats Analytics, much better work than anyone else outhere IMO, but for my own site stats, I’ll apply the same caution I did when Google rolled out it’s Analytics package… NO WAY I’LL SHARE all my dirty data with them!!! I don’t want FeedBurner to “understand” better my site, or any other company for that matter. There are some secrets that should be kept that way… ;)

  7. Hey, That’s a great tool.
    But, Can’t you get stats through cPanel, then why do you need a feedburner, what will be the difference?
    Will that work for blogs on subdomains, for those blogs which are on wordpress, blogspot etc. Reply will be appreciated. Thanks

  8. Hey Sam,

    Eric from FeedBurner here. Once we get Jake on this thread you’ll have had the whole pub services team commenting. :-) Anyhow, just wanted to touch base on the cPanel comment. cPanel is essentially going to show you raw stats from your server logs. These stats are what analytics programs like ours start with so we can then show you things like unique users, etc. For example, a hit on the cPanel stats actually gets counted for each image rendered on a page which can throw the numbers way out of whack if you are using those to figure out your site readership.

    With feeds the ssue is compounded because aggregators will hit you upwards of 24 times a day for n number of subscribers. We’ve catalogued 3000+ agregators so we’re able to drive down to the number that matter very easily.

    This is a quick, down and dirty, explanation so if you’d like more detail please let me know. Take care!


    Eric Olson
    Publisher Services – FeedBurner
    E-mail: erico@feedburner.com
    Office: 312.756.0022 x2034
    Mobile: 508.335.9221
    Skype/AIM: EricJohnOlson

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