Alexa: Redesign of the site widgets & API tricks

AlexaI don’t know if you guys noticed, but Alexa redesigned the site widgets, offering a cleaner, more appealing web 2.0 face. This really had to come. The old widgets were designed in an 1984 trend.

Here are some examples:

Another very interesting page I found on Alexa is a live demo of what you can do with Alexa’s API. Derrick Pallas built a demo application with which you can search the robots.txt files of all the websites in Alexa’s index. Now let’s see what websites disallow Googlebot ? Or the MediaPartners Bot ? Find websites that spam, disallow the AdsBot (arbitrage) etc.

Sure you could use Google to search robots.txt (alternative search) files, but those results are highly inaccurate, and represent 1% – 2% of what the above Alexa tool indexes.

Perhaps you want to search pictures that were taken with a specific digital camera model ?

The possibilities are endless.

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6 thoughts on “Alexa: Redesign of the site widgets & API tricks”

  1. I took a look at this today and was quite happily surprised. There are a couple other sites that already did this for Alexa, but I’m glad they have it by default now. It’s a good improvement I think.

  2. Bug i still can’t understand how Alexa works. Is there some FAQ? Or may be you will make unofficial one? ;)

    btw, excellent site!

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