The 10.000 spam comments mark

July 06th, 2006 - Filed under Personal,Spam by Cristian Mezei
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I just hit the 10.000 spam comments mark in an aprox. 6 months time span.. I don’t think if this is a good thing (because Akismet caught 99% of the 10.000 spam comments) or a bad thing (because only 5% of all the comments I received are from real humans).

10.000 Akismet spam comments mark

So we can see a trend in these numbers and figures .. Here is an official statement in Akismet’s website:

98,132,285 spams caught so far
644,796 so far today
93% of all comments are spam

I resent that .. A LOT .. I knew the blog spamming industry (the nofollow does no good, because the spammers don’t care about PR) was pretty grown and developed but 93% spam ? Sheesh’.

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Ciprian said:
July 6th, 2006

I used to have the same problem. I don’t have as much trafic as you do, So I only got about 1000 spam comments in about one year. So… 10K spam messages in about 6 months… looks nasty. I’ll try the Akismet filter… to see how it works.

Thanks for the tip.

July 6th, 2006

Akismet rules .. :)

Mike said:
July 6th, 2006

Spam rules .. :D

LOL, nofollows won’t help you dude, but askimet does its work great!
After this post I never got any more spam ;)

July 6th, 2006

Man .. Let me tell you something .. Your and Ciprian’s (the guy above) comments are the only ones who ALWAYS enter the spam folder.. WTF ?

That should tell me something, right ? :twisted:

Ciprian said:
July 10th, 2006

Yeah Cristian, I’m a well known spammer. What can I say… I’m famous. Now… seriouslly, do some tuning to your spam filter man. ;)

July 10th, 2006

I can’t .. It’s a prebuilt filter.

Altough I gotta’ hand it to you. These two last commets didn’t entered the spam section. :D

Mike said:
July 22nd, 2006

yup, as Ciprian said we’re just two very famous spammers ;)

10K spam comments is nothing, you know, I could send you 10 million trackbacks :D

Seriosuly, I think askmet doesn’t like my blog :o

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