Nokia N72. Part 2.

Some time ago I spoke about having a new phone .. Well dang .. I lost it in a cab 4 days ago. The cab driver knew nothing about this. Go figure.

It’s the first time in my life when I loose something so it came pretty down on me, especially since my 500+ contacts are now lost, with most of them beeing practically unrecoverable.

Now I just bought a Nokia N72. The sounds/speakers suck.

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4 thoughts on “Nokia N72. Part 2.”

  1. If you ask me, you`ve made a good decision. I have an older version of this phone – Nokia 6680 and i just love it. It`s just like a pc. but it`s not designed for music, that`s why the speakers suck.
    If you want to never lose your contacts, buy a bluetooth to connect it with the pc. After that set it to syncronize automatically when the phone it`s in it`s range.

    Good luck with it

  2. I own a N70, which is pretty good, but a couple of months after I bought it I figured out that I should have bought a PDA with GSM + GPS => way cooler!

  3. Yeah .. My ideea was a Qtek.. That 2005 Win one .. 1800 RON..

    But I was in a hurry so i picked this one .. It’s fairly good, except for the sound system.

  4. Oh… ZING!

    Look on the bright side… if you ever become an actress… you have motive “lost needed object” ideas.

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