New design for my blog, yes

I have a new design, yes. It’s made 80% by me, with some help from my coleague, Dan Rades.

If he would’ve made it for me, I think it would’ve took 2 days. I made it in 2 weeks :)

I would appreciate any advices, tips or feedback about the new layout. And please bare in mind that some pages are still left to be made today or tommorow.

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14 thoughts on “New design for my blog, yes”

  1. It looks nice. In firefox the two links “About myself” and “Contact me” are stripped of css attributes (in IE and Opera they are OK).It is kind of sober although professional. (I would have seen you with a much more exuberant and eye candy choice :D )

  2. It’s nice, but I actually like the old design better. Having so much flash isn’t quite my thing — even if it is just for menu items.

    I have a new design that will be coming out in a month or so too.

  3. Really nice template, Cristian, congrats for it.

    you’ve really encouraged me to start making a custom one too, but it’d take me 2 months, not 2 weeks :)

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