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I kinda thought about this, and it’s pretty hard for me sometimes, to remember all my websites and their URLs.

So i’ll make this list, and whenever i need sometin’ i’ll just go here :)

IT Xperts which is an IT Portal. This is my pet project, and it;s really one of my oldest websites. It suffered many improvements along the way, and i plan to move from Mambo to a custom coded, excelent CMS and website with lots of new features for my visitors, in the near future. It includes an IT Forum and a Web Directory

Webxperience! Directory which is a General Web Directory. Now this website is my proudness, and i worked a lot on it (I’ve been offered 2000 Euro, but i rejected the offer). It is and it will always be a free submission directory. It includes the Photos section (put together by one of my friends, Misu), which i actually didn’t wanted to make it public. Until now :)

SEO Xperts which is a niche SEO Web Directory. I wanted simple and to the point. Building the categories took me about 6 hard hours, as i wanted to cover all the topics. It’s still rather empty, but it will fill up. I’m also planning a branding for this directory. It’s free by the way ;)

Fight Plagiarism which is a project meant to stop (or at least demask and show the world …) the plagiators and spammers around the web. It’s very new in concept, and i will invest a lot of my patience and time in it, hoping i’ll help this corner ot the Internet.

Seopedia which is the largest SEO community in Romania. Now this website was started by me, togheter with some of my friends (Razvan and Krumel). Off-course, other great friends had many work put into this, so i thank them too. It quickly became the most wanted resource in Romania, for any SEO infos or questions. It includes the SEO Forum.

My SEO Blog which is this blog. It’s new (and I myself am new to this whole blogging trend stuff), but i hope i will write nice things.

Teste SEO which is rather a test domain for me and my SEO projects/experiments, and never had any real or stable IBL’s or pages or content.

Other websites which i 100% built and promoted with my own hands :

iDirect which represents the Romania branch for iDirect Technologies USA.

Linkstar which is a pending project for the building of Viasat’s representative in Romania.

Lamit Company which represents the company website for my old workplace.

Satellite Internet which is a website developed for my old company too.

When i’ll have more time, i will put here all the other websites, mine or those i built.

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