I’m upgrading my life: The family part

Since a lot of friends or just plain colleagues are starting to ask me a lot of questions regarding my future wife, I want to make this post, to let the world know how happy I am.

I met Ramona Bercea (and Teodorescu currently) 2 months ago. My life has changed. In a very good and pure way.

She’s the most wonderful person I have ever met in my life, and I miss her every day.

We will get married this summer, probably in July / August. The party will not be held in your average restaurant, but in the mountains, with barbeques and nice weather.

One of the few things that made me realise she’s the one for me, like forever:

  • She’s the most understanding person I have ever met.
  • She suffered a lot (emotionally) just like I did, so we’re on the same level.
  • She’s very mature and understands life as any person should, with it’s good and bad.
  • Although she’s very mature, she still has that inner child.
  • She’s like SMART :)
  • Never seen a better ass and breasts. EVER
  • Her mother (my future mother-in-law) loves me. I better not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

A few pictures

Ramona 10 Ramona 9 Ramona 8 Ramona 7 Ramona 6 Ramona 5 Ramona 4 Ramona 3 Ramona 2 Ramona 1

I love you Ram :)

There .. Now it’s all public.

PS: This is and will be the MOST personal post ever. Don’t ask for more than this, like never.
PS2: I’m a very happy man. I couldn’t be more happy than now. I hope I’ll rise up to the expectations.

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44 thoughts on “I’m upgrading my life: The family part”

  1. Congratulations, Cristian! :)

    You’re a lucky man. She’s beautiful. Maybe you should try to move up the wedding before she realizes she’s too good for you! :o)

    I’m only kidding, as you know. I wish many years of happiness and fulfillment for both of you.

    Well done! :o)

  2. If the future mother-in-law loves you..then there is no way back! :)

    PS.Waiting for the bachelor’s party…I’ll bring the strippers

  3. Congrats Cristian, it was really the time for you to do this step. SEO doesn’t keep you warm in the night :)), that’s for sure. I’m very happy for you and I’m looking forward for more good news, and you know what I mean. I bet those news will also be published around.

  4. Never seen a better ass and breasts. EVER

    Haha … Love your honesty!

    It’s great to fall in love, isn’t it :)

    Congrats to you and the would be wifey!

    Great looking couple, must say!


    P.S – Delete my Last Comment

  5. Congratulations from the Egyptian SEO Community! We wish you both all the best for the future :)

  6. congratulations! you seems happy together. her still “present” husband is OK with your marriage in summer? please forgive my curiosity.

  7. hi minstrel,

    no, i don’t think it’s spiteful sniping. it’s just pure curiosity.ramona seems to be older than cristian, and obviously still married. unless she divorced in the meantime.

  8. Liviu said: “ramona seems to be older than cristian, and obviously still married. unless she divorced in the meantime.”


    How is it obvious that she’s EITHER older or still married? Unless you have some inside information? Neither of those possibilities would have been “obvious” to me.

  9. Minnie, Liviu is probably some freak or weirdo stalker who has childhood problems.

    Don’t you see he’s afraid to leave his name or URL or anything else ?

    Leave it be.

  10. Cristin wrote:”I met Ramona Bercea (and Teodorescu currently) 2 months ago”.so, it’s obvious that she is still married, otherwise she wouldn’t have two family names. it is not rocket science. and she does looks older than Cristian.it is enough to look at her eyes. She is a pretty woman but,no offence,she looks at least 35-38 years old.
    by the way, I’m a cop,I have an eye for details. everything clear now?
    as I said, all the best for the future for both of them

  11. Liviu, forgive me, but I’m also an agent in SRI. You can’t know this because my name won’t appear in any files public to the standard Police software and departments.

    And I also want to honestly say: I don’t appreciate your comments, because 1) I don’t know who you are, 2) they are not shaped in a way that I can comprehend.

    Have a very pleasent week-end.

  12. Okay, so maybe you are a cop. So what? I’m a psychologist with 30 years experience, a good part of that in forensic psycholgoy. So what?

    My point, liviu, is that your remarks are inappropriate on several levels, not the least of which is that the lady’s past history is none of your business. Are you a rejected suitor or something? And as for your estimate of her age, I don’t know what photos you’re looking at but from my viewpoint you’re way off. I have no idea how old she is but I do know that there’s no way she looks as old as you claim she does.

    This is a man announcing his betrothal to the woman he loves. To bring anything other than congratulations and best wishes into this commentary is uncouth, unkind, and uncivilized.

  13. wow Chris :)

    i’m so happy for you :) honestly :)

    You’re a wonderful person Cristi and I hope that she deserves you. if she’s like you, this means it’s perfect :)

    a man like you needs a wonderful woman next to him :)

    Love you man. a big, BIG hug from me…

  14. Felicitari, sigur, de ce nu? Insa, fratilor, ati uitat sa vorbiti romaneste!? Sau e musai sa ne aferam in engleza?

  15. I feel very sorry for the delay.Was quite busy lately and I just realized that I have 3000+ items were in “unread” status….Gosh!

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