Help Cristina to get her life back

Cristina (in the website, you have 4 languages to choose from) is a 21 years old girl who has been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (LAM – M2) in March 2006, a very serious illness which resides in the spinal cord. It’s a fatal disease if it’s not treated properly and at the right time, but even during the treatment, there is a high chance of death.

Find out more about Cristina, her illness and how you can help her.

If everyone donates 0,05% of he’s/her’s little income, we can all help Cristina to have a normal life (or even a life at all).

Other good people and/or publications that wrote about Cristina: Remus, Netics, Jurnalul, Seopedia, Libertatea, Acasa, Buna Ziua Brasov, Intercer, Imagine Life (the list will go on).

Thank you.

Edit: Orlando Nicoara (ad space) from Media Pro, Doru Panaitescu (ad space) from Arbomedia have been kind enough to help Cristina with ad space in their ad networks and Daniel Toma (banners) from web/dev helped with the banners design (728×90 and 468×60).

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