Getting ripped

It was just a matter of time before my blog became a target too.

Some punk-ass wanna-be dude has stolen my 5 Google Adsense Secrets, Tips and Tricks article and shamesly copied it on his blog, WORD BY WORD. You have some images below:

Copied article Copied article 2

No link to my blog, no nothing (not that that would make it ok).

He even left the image references to my blog so that’s how I found out about this.

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13 thoughts on “Getting ripped”

  1. Haha the guy stole your article and even got a free link from you, now isn’t that a good deal? ;)

    Anyway that’s always what happens when you try to do something good and unique :o

  2. Let’s Hope so! Share your feelings mate!
    Lol, is it just me or is Google everywhere! hehe!
    Btw, I found this to be an interesting blog, so linked you! :)

  3. if you want to discover if someone copy content from your blog just use this :

    someone got to my site, when i use some definition from wikipedia and said that i can not copy from wikipedia, he was wrong anyway, because i can copy with some conditions.

    use this site and you’ll be surpriesed (if you did not use it till yet)

  4. That’s a pretty solid case of copyright infringement you have there.

    I wouldn’t doubt for a second that the “higher ups” would’nt do anything about this.

    Recently I had a challenge with Technorati that ended on a positive note. Basically, there was this guy claiming that a blog of mine was actually his. Imagine the fire that arises when you get a Google alert saying XXXX’s “claimed blogs” and your blog is on that person’s list.

    The people over at Technorati quickly resolved (about a week) the whole thing and I was able to COMPLETE the claiming of that blog. A blog that has 181 other BLOGS that link to it (w/no blogroll).

    Nice place you have here. I will send a friendly hello after I write up something and link here.

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