Rumor: AdSense now available for Romanian websites

Google AdsenseThere are a lot of discussions at Seopedia Forum, about Adsense ads starting to appear on websites written in romanian language.

Up until now, only Public Service Announcement (PSA) ads appeared on pages with content in Romanian language.

There’s no official position on this, in the Adsense Blog, or in the supported languages page in Adsense’s Help Center.

How many of you are starting to see ads appearing in a Romanian language written website ?

SEJ’s SEO Clinic offering free SEO advice

Loren from Search Engine Journal just brought the nice news bit:

SEO Clinic is a new project we are now offering on Search Engine Journal for webmasters and site owners which are not experiencing their desired or potential Google, Yahoo, and MSN rankings.

This is a free service, and it’s directed to non-professionals. I am sure that not all of you will have the benefit of getting the advice from the SEJ Experts, so please do remind yourself that, and don’t spam SEJ.

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Digital Marketing Forum

Digital Marketing ForumDigital Marketing Forum, an event organized by Cristian Manafu and Evensys, brings to bear the newest platforms of marketing and communication: online advertising, mobile marketing, blogging, viral marketing, podcasting, online research, 3G.

I’m a speaker there, at Session IV, “Interactive solutions to promote your business”, speaking mainly about SEO and Contextual/Text Advertising.

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Feedburner goes Analytics

Remember when Feedburner aquired Blogbeat ? Well, they are ready to make a blog stats/analytics plugin of their own, and release ot to the public, free.

Since Performancing will close their Metrics service pretty soon (or make it open-source, although I doubt that), and since Google is not ready yet with their MeasureMap service (I emailed them about a beta test account, or an aproximate release date, and they didn’t had any info for me, except “it’s coming”), the Feedburner stats will be your best choice.

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Internet Explorer 7 optimized for Google

Ok. I never thought this day will come, but since I wrote about Internet Explorer 7 optimized for Yahoo, Google has issued his own version of Internet Explorer 7 optimized for Google:

Optimized for Google with:

Google homepage you can personalize
Google Toolbar
Google Search as your default

When will the pain end ?

Later edit: Apparently, Jeremy noticed that Google’s Internet Explorer 7 optimized page was designed in a copy/paste manner with Yahoo’s previous one. Google has now changed the page to look different then Yahoo’s.