Yahoo!’s secret site information data

It seems that some foreign Yahoo! DC’s (not the main www) return some weird data for domains. Some sort of “secret”, “bo-hoo-hoo” information.

From the owner of Oy-Oy, a search engine interaction and tools website:

To get this information, I’m requesting site information through one of the foreign Yahoo’s and that’s what it’s returning. I can’t find any documentation on the data, nor can I get it through the normal Yahoo servers. I spotted it being used in one of the Yahoo tools and decided to display that data (it isn’t displayed directly in that tool).

It works on URLs (not just domain names) and the results are different for www and non-www domains (of course: non-www domains have links to subdomains :-)). I have no idea what scale the numbers are or if they are absolute.

Here are some results for this blog :

In-Link Deep Hits: 9144
In-Link Total Hits: 8041
Sub-Domain Deep Hits: 1
Sub-Domain Total Hits: 1
Sub-URL Deep Hits: 368
Sub-URL Total Hits: 239
Word-Count on : 0

Moreover, he tries to explain what some of the parameters mean:

  • In-Link hits are inbound links to your domain.
  • Sub-Domain hits are URLs from your domain which are indexed (number of other sub-domains, eg if you test, it would count as a subdomain).
  • Sub-URL hits are the URLs from this domain which are indexed

In the above site I also found some very interesting other tools like an AOL search database information tool, giving your own name to any Google DC, checking all your Google supplemental pages (on multiple DC’s, so little room for error) as well as a very neat firefox extension to use all the tools present in his website.

Via Florin.

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