Webxperience! redesigned

So FINALLY my guys have finished the new layout for Webxperience!.

Have a look at the editors, help and about(especially this one) pages… We wrote them with a lot of attention (we hope). If there’s someone we haven’t thanked yet, please give us a call and swear us :)

Please note that we will start to go trough the current listings, and remove all the lesser quality websites, move the ones that need moving etc. If up until now, the acceptance ratio was about 1 in 10, I think now we will have an even lower one. Once again, we need quality and unique content.

I sau this for all future submitters: PLEASE read the guidelines before submitting a website. Don’t waste our time.

We removed all Adsense, links and banner advertising too :)

If any of you have advices, tips or feedback, please give it to us (either here in my blog, or trough Webxperience!’s contact page).

PS: We still have to upload some pages, so if you find some inconsistent, missing or incorrect pages, please email us.

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9 thoughts on “Webxperience! redesigned”

  1. Very cool directory, I’ve even submitted a few of my sites :)

    You got a cool list of editors there…

    hmm if I had a list of good directories I submit my sites to I’d add yours.. but I don’t lol

  2. Mike, I can’t access the DP forums. Can you message Shawn about that ? When i ping forums.digitalpoint.com I get :

    Pinging deepdish.digitalpoint.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

    Request timed out.

  3. I see you also redesigned your blog… it loads faster now :)

    thanks for including my sites also…. I’ll submit many more now ;)

    lol jk you’re probably having too many of them to edit any way .

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