Webxperience! in DMOZ

My Webxperience Directory just got approved in DMOZ at the Directories category.

I’m so happy. :)

I would like to say a BIG thank you to the editor who approved it.

In addition to DMOZ, here are some other directories where Webxperience! is included in :

Jayde in Webxperience!

Skaffe in Web Directories

Joeant in Webxperience!

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Cristian Mezei

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5 thoughts on “Webxperience! in DMOZ”

  1. Well it took me since May 2005, almosut since the start.

    The search in DMOZ updates every two weeks or so. You can see the listing in the category i mentioned. If not, wait a day or so, to get over your ISP cache.

    Thanks a lot for the good luck. You too :)

  2. Men, i got to say you are lucky because I’m trying to put in this directory a hotel from years, nothing happened, and this isn’t a new site or domain is really 5-6 year old maybe older, isn’t a ghost site or domain, this kind of site that today exist and tomorrow nothing more.

  3. Hey there, found a link to your blog on v7N forums. Clicked to check your listing at Dmoz but it does not seem to exist any more. I don’t want to alarm you if the above link was not correct, but its not there. I had the same experience recently about a similar issue. Here is the thread on V7N forms

    Sorry to be the one to point this out, and best of luck.

    Maybe this is yet another proof that DmozSucks big time, in eliminating competition and suppressing all dissenting voices.


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