Webxperience! celebrates it’s 2nd anniversary: 50% off

Webxperience!We appreciate your contribution up until now and we wanted you to know that Webxperience! celebrates it’s 2 year anniversary today, so for the next 3 days (until Tuesday night, GMT+2), submissions are 50% off.

Take advantage of this unique offer.

Bloggers who will write about our anniversary will get 2 free listings (one Express one Premium) in Webxperience!.

We have come a long way since we launched the website:

  • Amongst our end-user clients there are : Hilton, FHM, Barclay’s, Bank Of America, Lufthansa, British Airways, BP, Shell, Milka etc.
  • Amongst the SEM agencies that work with us there are : iCrossing, Big Mouth Media, Meta People, etc.

What sets apart Webxperience from the other directories ?

  • Age (2 years)
  • A strong PR6 and trust from the search engines (see indexed pages and the search ranking of those pages)
  • Deeplinks allowed as well as 2 to 4 additional deeplinks for each submission
  • A strong customer support (maximum 30 minutes response)
  • Professional design and usability guidelines
  • High quality review process, without spam, porn, pharmacy or adult content.
  • Almost 40.000 page views per month.

We especially want to thank Big Mouth Media (Sam Baldwin and Alastair Wright) for it’s excellent
communication skills and patience.

We also want to thank the Digitalpoint community (and Shawn Hogan) as well the V7N community (and John Scott).

Once again, thank you, and start submitting.

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