Webotopia Business Directory launched

Just launched Webotopia, a paid Business Directory.

I’m pretty excited about it, i have to admit, because i had a great team on it.

The directory is Xhtml and Css valid, and has some other web accesibility improvements.

Express submissions are placed above all other in the category, for one year, and get 5 additional URL’s, as well as an extended description which is visible in the website detail page, as can be formatted with BBcode (including links) so a very nice company/website profile can be made.

The first 100 Express submissions get the 50% discount (30 Euro savings).

You people can rate the directory here.

Payments are to be made only trough 2Checkout.

Please read the submission guidelines first.

If you can not find an appropiate category, or if you think deeper or more precise one should be created, use the category suggestion link.

I will personally see to it, that all submitters are happy with their purchase, and i can answer any questions and suggestions, sent trough the contact form.

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12 thoughts on “Webotopia Business Directory launched”

  1. Good luck with this directory. Quality first, and quality can not be achieved with tens of thousands of free links, you have to charge to maintain a high quality directory.
    Wanted to launch a similar directory (and still want to do it), but I am kind of skeptical, considering that alivedirectory, one of the most active directories has only 300-400 links.

    Reaching the critical mass is the biggest challenge. And, just a friendly advise. You might change the catrgories to be more “business” alike, for a Business Web Directory, this should be must.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Alive Directory is getting a lot of attention and marketing from Chris. It will have a lot of websites in it, i am sure :)

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. And, just to continue with alivedirectory, I believe they are making a mistake by not having at least an about us page or a contact us page. I would never pay money on a website where contact details are not present. And I am sure I am not alone.

  4. And one more thing. Have you paid to put your link on the top of webxperience.org? I could not find any info on the website.

  5. And, to continue… I have read a discussion on WMW (WebMasterWorld) that org domains started to rank higher on google. Why do you guys use org instead of the highly used com domains?

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