.EDU Directory Spam – web.gcu.edu

So each and every one of you who found this .edu free directory, Grand Canyon University Web Resources (my ass, and more like Grand Canyon University SPAM Resources), think again about submitting your website there.

1. It’s banned in Google, yet not in Yahoo! and MSN.

2. Has adverts like:

Iraq war amputees help
Articles about Education
accredited degree online
New Christian Music
Get Free of drugs and alcohol
Kid’s Animation
teeshirt printing
Donate Yacht
donate land
mp3 music
On Line Degrees
automobile charity donation
Prayer Requests
Used Fishing Boats
logo design
Raise Funding
online degree
Education Online

3. Don’t forget the Transporatation link in the footer of every page, leading to a freekin’ page, linking to all kinds of spam domains.

4. Yes. He’s in the DigitalPoint Co-op. That means that people in the Co-op have links from a banned website.

The webmaster must be some SEOer, and he thought that by monetising the .edu subdomain he is administering, he could make a fortune.

Probably he did, will all those advertisers. And since the .edu and .gov domain links are so higly rated these days, he probably has a Lexus by now.

But still. Where’s the classical Librarian’s Internet Index, Stanford web resources, or other .edu nice quality, poorly designed website ?

The world has gone crazy.

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3 thoughts on “.EDU Directory Spam – web.gcu.edu”

  1. Yes, people spam everything. A few days ago a friend of mine received an email where some girl wanted to date him. What’s more, the email was enclosed with a real picture. That girl wasn’t very cute, so he thought that it’s OK.

    A day later I received the same email with the same picture and what’s more, that email was sent to an un-existing email address (my main email account receives all emails, they’re not rerutned).

    I just wanted to say that it proves that people spam (I consider that edu domain as spam) for any reason and basically no reason is required at all. It’s spam just for fun. Anyone is doing anything and doesn’t look forward, doesn’t care about results.

    Just yesterday the same friend reported one site to Google because they stolen his article. That stolen article was enclosed with copyrighted pictures in addition.

    If the web wasn’t so about money, there would be less spam and questionable activities.

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