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Daily Blog Tips just made a Top25 with SEO Blogs worldwide, based on Pagerank, Alexa rank, number of Bloglines subscribers and Technorati authority. Each factor has a score from 0 to 10, and the maximum score for each blog is 40. Details about the algorithm can be found below the table.

Beeing at only the 19th spot, offcourse I’m dissapointed :)

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26 thoughts on “Top 25 SEO Blogs”

  1. While I enjoy reading seopedia I have to say … is seopedia a BLOG ABOUT SEO?

    Here are a few titles on the first page :

    Yahoo! Search Marketing Coupon: $50 ($100?)
    Jelsoft, creator of Vbulletin, aquired by Internet Brands
    American Experience: Marketing Director for Eastern Europe Wanted
    Jobs: J2EE Programmers
    Free disposable email address
    Romanian eCommerce Awards
    How to read 622 feeds each morning
    Digg is banning users because they digg too often
    Dreamhost asking clients to block GoogleBot

    How Seo are these?
    I think on the road to being a blogger you changed your writing so it’s no longer a SEO blog.

    I do like the articles however and I am a constant reader!

  2. I hope you are smart enough to answer the question I asked and not lead me to the point where you explain me what SEO is .. I asked if this is a SEO BLOG, and if so, what stands for it as a SEO blog.

    IS != WAS !

    Can we call Yahoo! News a SEO company? Because, honestly from time to time I get to see articles related to SEO on their news.

    So ?

  3. I hope you are smart enough to answer the question

    Hold on smartypants.. Are you here to make a war or what ? :)

    I asked if this is a SEO BLOG, and if so, what stands for it as a SEO blog.

    It’s MY blog. If you like it, read it, if not .. well.. Forget about it.

  4. Not being a smartypant at all.

    It was just a question which still remains un-answered. I will continue to read it if you want to know, but as a reader, I don’t get my questions answered.

    Thanks Seopedia!

  5. This top is pretty interesting but I’m not really sure they covered all the best sites. It’s kind of hard to stamp SEO on a site and not to on others. That being said, i think Problogger or Johnchow could have been included there too, no?

    Oh, and ps, congrats for your 19th place, but next time you should do better :P

  6. Glad to see you made the list–at least you made the list! ;)

    I wouldn’t been too worried about it, though, as it’s all just numbers. It’s really the content that counts, right?

  7. Congratulations Cristi.

    but why are you so disappointed for being on the 19th place?

    do not forget it’s a top 25 of the world so I think it’s excellent.

    great job Cristi :)

  8. Congratulation Cristian.

    Unfortunately I have to agree with Alex, you don’t write anymore about seo or the industry.

    An the jobs for the kondiment… I don’t see there place here where the majority of the audience, I suppose, it isn’t from Romania.

  9. Hi cristian, thanks for giving top25 blogs arranged according to factors like page rank, Alexa etc.,
    well i do congratulate with Henrie for being in the 19th place, greatly achieved by increasing visitors to your website. keep it up.

  10. It seems that the list does not change much from place to place. The same people are the top rock stars on most of the top seo blog lists. Is that some sort of consipracy?

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