The V7N Directory affiliate program. The definite stop.

So… Everyone uses affiliate marketing. On both sides of the deal. This post is about the marketers looking for the best converting affiliate programs from web directories.

Now a lot of web directories have affiliate programs, but most of them convert very poorly. As far as I am concerned, I tried about all of them, and the best converting one was the V7N Directory.

What I want to mention is that although John Scott and myself know each other, this is not a “pay per post”, a “friendly recommendation” or neither of these kind of scenarios. It’s just my own experience with web directory affiliate programs.

I just mentioned that the the V7N Directory affiliate program converted best for me, so any other affiliate programs I tried, do not worth a mention since they didn’t rised to even 30% of V7N’s earnings (with the same stats, visitors sent etc).

To start and show you some stats of mine, from August:

V7N Directory Affiliate Program August

And from 2007:

V7N Directory Affiliate Program 2007

What I want to mention is that although the 76 clicks per conversion (which means roughly a 1.31% conversion rate) is pretty low, I didn’t invested a single minute or cent to improve the conversion rate. It was just a plug in and forget project.

I bet your ass that if I spend a few hours on the situation I can improve the conversion rate to 5%.

For example, BOTW gave me a conversion rate of exactly 0%. And it will always give me that, simply because they have too higher prices, and the conversions have to suffer because of the 3rd party (and not you).

V7N Directory on the other hand, has the lowest possible price from all the quality directories out there: $50. And for every sale you generate, you earn 50%. That’s $25 for each sale. If you refer 100 persons that submit 1 listing each, you get $2500. If you refer 1 person that submits 100 listings, you get $2500.

What’s the most important aspect of the V7N Directory affiliate program is the ONE YEAR cookie. What does that mean ? Any visitor who enters the V7N Directory through your affiliate id link, will generate you money, even if he doesn’t buy at that present time, and returns after 10 months to purchase a listing. How cool is that?

The other mentionable bonus is the second/third/fourth… tier payouts. Watch this. I already have 30 sub-affiliates earning money for me, without me lifting a single needle:

V7N Directory Affiliate Program Downline

For each listing (that worth’s $25) your sub-affiliates submit, you will earn $5.

As another bonus, you can group your campaigns in several groups:

V7N Directory Affiliate Program Campaigns

One last mention. I promoted this affiliate program (and all the other ones, that didn’t paid any buck AT ALL), on two web directories and my blog. The conversion rate you have depends on the visitor sources as well (my case is fortunate).

So for all directory owners, use a directory affiliate program instead of AdSense (the worst mistake ever, for web directories), or other NOT business wise solutions.

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  1. Hi, I am really impressed by your earnings, Even I am using the V7n affiliate program on my site. So how do u hide the affiliate links & are the payments by PayPal?

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