The most trendy search industry websites

So I wanted to see what are the most viewed (according to Alexa) search industry website and/or blogs.

And anyway, I wanted to compare those with my blog too. Here’s what I came up with: vs. & & & vs. & & &

What do we learn from the above graph ?

1. I had the same traffic as, back in June (Rand my friend, I’m still learning :p).
2. has jumped from 10.000 rank in June, to 1000 rank today. That’s HUGE. Good work guys. You have a lot of readers.
3. Darren Rowse’s is much more stable, as far as traffic goes, and has half the readers of, altough many of you would think otherwise.
4. The whole Searchenginewatch section, including the forum, the website, the blog, gets the same traffic as Rand’s
5. Webmasterworld‘s traffic is on a steady decline. Now why don’t I find that surprising ?

From the above websites… Go with Seomoz. vs. & & & vs. & & &

What do we learn from the above graph ?

1. I almost reached John Battelle‘s traffic, in August :D
2. Aaron Wall’s has MORE visitors than Matt Cutts has.
3. Philipp Lenssen’s Google Blogoscoped is read by a LOT of people, and has almost the same traffic as and I personally love his website and his dedication.
4. John Battelle’s blog is the least read from all the above, but it’s one of the most important sources on the web. Traffic doesn’t always matter.

Another interesting fact, is that sent me aprox. 500 refrerers (in the first day only), when Rand wrote an article and linked to me. On the other hand, the Blog News Channel’s Inside Google, sent me only 9 referrers (altough many say that it’s a TOP news source), when they wrote and article and linked to me.


The above graphs and conclusions do not take into account the real traffic those websites get (but the Alexa scores), RSS and/or e-mail subscribers, visitor targets (kids, managers, age variations, sex, etc), visitor loyalty and the new/re-visiting factor (that tells a lot), etc.

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