So what’s the price for a SEO campaign ?

Rand from SeoMoz just posted an excellent article on how to price a SEO campaign, where he writes a practical case study on a random website.

So how would he (SeoMoz) structure his offer and service and how much would he charge ?

1. Basic, consulting-style contract

The deliverable would include 10 hours of my consultation time each month for 4.5 months and a single report, delivered 45 days after contract signing, containing the following elements:

  • Keyword Research & Recommendations
  • Review of Search Engine Friendliness Issues
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Design, Usability & User Experience Suggestions
  • Content Creation Suggestions
  • Link Acquisition Suggestions
  • Recommendations for Avoiding Negative Search Engine Issues

The total price for this package would be $30,000, paid as follows:

  • $7,500 down upon contract signing
  • $7,500 upon receipt of the report (45 days)
  • $5,000 30 days after report delivery
  • $5,000 60 days after report delivery
  • $5,000 90 days after report delivery

2. Advanced, full website rebuild type of contract

And here’s what I’d offer for a hands-on, SEOmoz-rebuilds-the-whole-site, type of proposal:

  • New Design for the Site
  • Information Architecture
  • New Content Components
  • Construction of the site
  • SEO & Keyword Targeting
  • Public Relations
  • Link Building & Linkbait

The full project would require ~7 months of effort, followed by 3 months of additional consultation and assistance with implementing ongoing ideas/projects. Cost would be ~$120,000, payable as follows:

  • $20,000 down upon contract signing
  • $15,000 after 45 days
  • $15,000 upon launch of new site (ETA – 100 days)
  • $10,000 per month thereafter

So a quick note to the users that think : Hey, 500 bucks and I’ll sky rocket my website into the SERPs: Search Engine Marketing is not all about getting links and changing some meta tags.

Once again Rand, beautifull context and post.

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2 thoughts on “So what’s the price for a SEO campaign ?”

  1. Wow… amazing prices.

    But I think you all agree when I say this is not just SEO. This is a complete rebuild of a site: Arhitecture and Design. This will result in better accessibility and usability which translates in improved user experience. What we get from better user experience? The Holy Graal of all site owners: Conversion. Bigger Conversion rates means money, lots of them.

    Again… amazing prices and predictable results. Rand knows how to sell.

  2. @Razvan: That is SEO in the full meaning of the word. Is time that all those wannabes, MLM mentality types get over it and find a new field to sell crap.

    SEO has become a real team work and the time of lone gunners is over :)

    And agree, to better clear the terms SEM is a more appropriate label. Or simply Online Marketing, because Search Engines are just a a (big) piece in the success of an online business

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