SEO Experts are clueless at IT :)

SEO Expert Bob Mutch from SEO Company contacted me to day on messenger and accused me of infecting his computer with a script, after visiting my blog.

After a long and NOT so funny discussion I found out he didn’t know that you can have Firefox open up multiple websites when you start up and somehow he managed to set it up so it loaded my blog and another site up at the same time.

If you want a clueless SEO to work on your site I recommend Bob. He does consulting at $300 / hour and link building (make sure you don’t ask him any computer questions).

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23 thoughts on “SEO Experts are clueless at IT :)”

  1. That’s great! It deserves a stumble, and I’m sure Diggers would eat it up, given how IT-savvy they are and how much they hate SEOs.

    A client yesterday was surprised to hear me talk about the differences in expressions between ISAPI for IIS and using an htaccess file on Apache. All of his redirects were 302s as a result of poor use of the ISAPI tool. I showed him using an http header status tool. He said, how come the last SEO company didn’t tell us that?

    I said because 90% of SEOs don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. He’s a fellow midwesterner, so the language was overlooked.


  2. That comment, of course, is directed at the types of SEOs who send me and my clients email spam, or the type who charge $300 an hour to submit your website to directories and delicious. Ohh, and the type who thinks the exact, perfect, magic KWD is x%… or those who nofollow all of the links in their navigation because they don’t want their home page to “leak page rank” to their contact page.

    Other than those guys, I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

  3. LOL!

    Bob Mutch has proven himself to be clueless on several levels time and time again.

    When challenged about misinformation, his response is, “My customers are happy”.

    This proves that P.T. Barnum was right: There IS one born every minute. :)

  4. I am very proud to have a software/web development background which kicks me out of the clueless area. But does that mean that I’m no SEO Expert as well? :)

  5. No, not necessarily. As much as many people would have you think otherwise, SEO is not rocket science.

    General rule of thumb: Anyone arrogant or ignorant enough to call himself/herself an SEO expert almost certainly isn’t one.

    True experts in any field have no need to trumpet that fact or make dubious claims. It’s evident in their work and in everything they say or do.

    The fact that Bob Mutch has a page on his site with the filename (and probably page title) of seo-expert-bob-mutch.html speaks volumes.

  6. SEO is more of knowledge, people read a lot and then sell it for good.

    Running a web business (or a web business consultant) needs to be techno-marketer who is a master of both, web technology and web marketing, hire such people, they can improve the character of your business just not the personality.

    I feel sorry for SEO Expert Bob Mutch from SEO Company.

  7. No matter wat you guys say, check out Bob’s site. Check his alexa.. can anyone beat that? Hez a great businessman and knows how to make a living.

    And there is no need for SEO’s to know techy stuff related to htaccess and stuff. All you need is brains. You can always hire any crazy geeky programer to do wat ever you want to.

    You jst need to hav your concepts clear. The idea tat 302s are temporary and 301s are good is enough. I can always call up my programmer and tell him to do the changes. Big Deal.. ha

  8. If you still believe that Alexa scores are a valid measure of anything important whatsoever, I can understand why you revere Bob Mutch.

    And if your writing style is any indicator of your capacity for clear thinking… well, enough said. :)

  9. Forget abt my writing style buddy and come to the point..

    Put tis in your head; you need not know techy stuff to be an SEO. You only need to know the concepts. You can always hire an expert programmer who will most certainly know much better than you ever could. Money baby, buys all good things in life. Why waste your energy when you can hire some cheap programers from India??

    And every dog knows that alexa can be gamed. But bob has shown me screenshots of his traffic and he gets a major inflow. His knowledge of SEO is far better than you cud ever have in your dumb dreams.

  10. >>>Bob Mutch has proven himself to be clueless on several levels time and time again.

    Minstrel calling me clueless. LOL. That is precious. If I am clueless I don’t know if there is a word for you Minstrel.

    Here is some of my clueless certs.

    Here are some of my clueless clients that I do IT for.

    Oh more clueless SEO clients than helped me gross over 400k last year.

    Ok and for all but the simple. I wrote the above post as a joke and asked Cristian to post it for fun.

    Note: The above how ever did happen and proves that I am human and can get slightly confused.

  11. As I’ve said many times, Bob Mutch, the fact that you actually have clients just proves that P.T. Barnum was correct. You were a snake oil salesman (note that I’m being polite here since it wasn’t actually snake oil you were selling) before you decided SEO could be a safer scam – and you’re still a snake oil salesman.

  12. Thanks Cristian. I did feel like I needed to respond to his personal attacks least some poor soul might stumble upon the comments of this post and reddit and digg what he is says.

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