MSN acts: DMOZ description in the search results gets optional

From the MSN Search Blog, we learn that with the current reports from webmasters (and DMOZ corruption and other points), they have decided to make the description of the websites in their serach results, optional.

That can be acomplished by using one of these META tags :

To make a case study, i will randomly choose one of my websites, that’s present in DMOZ too: IT Xperts.

Right now it has the following description (romanian), indeed, taken from DMOZ:

Pune la dispoziţie ştiri şi diferite prezentări din domeniul computerelor.

DMOZ description in the search results gets optional

I have added one of the above tags. I’ll keep you up to date if the description is not taken from DMOZ anymore.

My 2cents : Google MUST think at this too.

Update 09.June : Yes it works :). I don’t have the ODP description anymore.

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3 thoughts on “MSN acts: DMOZ description in the search results gets optional”

  1. This article has made very good reading.

    It took a heck of a long time actually getting listed by DMOZ but we now find that our site description is not exactly what we wanted – Saying that though we have been afraid do anything incase we get removed.

    G3 Creative Solutions – Advertising & Design Scotland.

  2. Well, i’m sure Yahoo! and Google will follow this one. Anyway, Google does not always display a DMOZ description for websites. It’s random, or when the website doesn’t have enough content, or the meta description.

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