Link anchor and adjacent text

So i had to do an official test on this.

Two webpages, with the same (to the bit) content in them, named :


hosted on the same server, IP, domain and path.

Both are linked ONLY from the index page of this blog, from the SEO Tests category.

One has this text following the anchor :

Page about Seopedia members rule

The other one has this text following the anchor :

Page about different aspects of the general Seopedia ideea, as well as members, and the phrase members rule.

The purpose is to see what page rankes first (most likely they will both ranked 1 position away, beeing on the same domain, so the first one will win), considering that BOTH have only a single link towards them, from the same domain, IP, page, with the same anchor, and only the text following the anchor is changed.

The test after the anchor, was a myth on lot of forums, and several professionals have blogged about this, so i intend to be the myth buster. :)

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