Google error reveals secret details ?

Philipp found a weird error message Google brought up, when a Digitalpoint member queried a usual cache page

Here is the error message:

pacemaker-alarm-delay-in-ms-overall-sum 2341989
pacemaker-alarm-delay-in-ms-total-count 7776761
cpu-utilization 1.28
cpu-speed 2800000000
timedout-queries_total 14227
num-docinfo_total 10680907
avg-latency-ms_total 3545152552
num-docinfo_total 10680907
num-docinfo-disk_total 2200918
queries_total 1229799558
e_supplemental=150000 –pagerank_cutoff_decrease_per_round=100 –pagerank_cutoff_increase_per_round=500 –parents=12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23 –pass_country_to_leaves –phil_max_doc_activation=0.5 –port_base=32311 –production –rewrite_noncompositional_compounds –rpc_resolve_unreachable_servers –scale_prvec4_to_prvec –sections_to_retrieve=body+url+compactanchors –servlets=ascorer –supplemental_tier_section=body+url+compactanchors –threaded_logging –nouse_compressed_urls –use_domain_match –nouse_experimental_indyrank –use_experimental_spamscore –use_gwd –use_query_classifier –use_spamscore –using_borg

If any of you more technical guys can decipher any of this, please DO tell me about it.

Thanks to Boydcreative.

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4 thoughts on “Google error reveals secret details ?”

  1. This seems to be just a plain dump of either environment context of the search job or some sort of command line parameters.
    These could also be the parameters used when the search module was build. It’s similar to the php compilation style.

    Either way, this indicate that certain internal search modules from Google were activated. What’s interesting, is that Google seems to have a new Spam Score algorithm which seems to be under testing.
    –use_spamscore suggests that an older spam checking algo is in use while –use_experimental_spamscore means that Google internals are also testing something new.

    The first 11 items from the list describe some status information of the “machine” used by the query. The other items seems to be the activate search modules.

    I have reasons to belive that if these flags can be activated at any time, and these modules are plug-and-play, it could also cause difference between the SERPS on multiple datacenters. Some DC’s might have some of these flags enabled, others don’t.

    As you can see, the –use_domain_match suggests pretty clear that having the keyword in your domain name helps you a lot. But, on the other hand, if you spend thousands of dollars for buying keyword stuffed domain names, It’s only a matter of deactivating that particular module to make all that effort worth nothing.

  2. Well, no Phillip found nothing (no offense)..

    The whole story came out after a post i did at the digitalpoint forums, and i am here actually to at least ask for a link back to my website with the original post.


    Please be kind to link back. And people, stop claiming you found things you are just hearing about from other’s blogs :mad:

    Good luck, Ruslan

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