I’m writing this Shoemoney post, because i kinda’ want Shoemoney‘s money and i want to buy icecream from them :). Just like all the other contests out there, he just wants some link juice (love), so he’s going for it. And yes, Shoemoney actually wants some love from the world. 200.000 results in Google for Shoemoney is not nearly enough for him at the moment. We are all helping him, but that’s life. Kinda’ viral. ;)

Shoemoney (aka Jeremy Schoemaker) recently started a Shoemoney contest to see if someone can outrank him in Google (Shoemoney in Google), MSN (Shoemoney in MSN) or Yahoo! (Shoemoney in Yahoo!) for the term :


Shoemoney recently increased the prizes for the Shoemoney mini contest, so i decided to give it a shot, just for fun purposes.

About Shoemoney

Shoemoney, aka Jeremy Schoemaker, is a well known SEO pundit and is often quite candid about some of the greyer techniques we all do for research purposes. You can search around for some of his posts on the usual SEO forums (this Shoemoney description taken from this Shoemoney Interview)

He also owns and operates Shoemoney Media, and Pimp my blog.

Shoemoney on the web

Last words on Shoemoney

For each and everyone of you who link to this page, from a minimum PR5 page, with the anchor Shoemoney, i will offer premium submissions in Webxperience!, a professional, free SEO report for your website, one link in this blog, for a month, as well as free Shoemoney glory for the rest of your life.

If you add the link with the Shoemoney anchor, on a PR5 page, let me know.

Update: I find it a little od that Yahoo! and MSN haven’t indexed this page yet.

Update 2: Jeremy ended the contest today, because of some spamming issue with the contestants. His webhost told him to stop the contest. I only entered the contest 7 days ago. I had another 15-17 days to become first. And i would’ve eneded up first on all search engines. :)

My page was not indexed in Yahoo and MSN as of the time of writing so i can’t say what place. Probably Top 3 :

Shoemoney Google position Shomoney Google my version

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52 thoughts on “Shoemoney”

  1. Shoemoney 301 redirected some old domain names to his blog , to achieve #1 on Google you will have to invest some good $$$ in good places and some coop weight but Shoemoney has weight too .

    In my opinion you can achieve this only on Yahoo/MSN but with a lot of coop weight .

    PR5 links to an internal page of your blog won’t help .

  2. What you’re saying Cristi it’s a paradox. You can’t have that much icecream and still get the chicks! Why do you think ‘weight loss/diet pills’ are high paying keywords?
    On second thought… can. Buy 400$-value icecream, and spend the rest on chicks.

  3. Hmmmm… All these link contests – I wonder if it is a worthwhile use of advertising budget. Thinking… Need to come up with a good idea for a contest. Good luck!

  4. Most of the contests are for fun, like this one. Where the pay does not generate the need to fight for it, in real terms (at least that’s my case).

    The real contests are those above 10.000 USD. Even those do not worth month of link purchases and so on, because at the end, the starter of the content will get a minimum of 10 times the value of his prize, no matter the prize’s value.

    PS: Insert lovely Shoemoney footer text here :D

  5. WOW, dude, you got a bunch of links!

    I can see 347 links now..

    Do you have any idea why I rank higher though?

    NO … so hurry up and tell :)

  6. I’m seeing you as 6th..

    looks like shoe figured out you’re going to outrank him and closed the contest ;)

  7. Well .. I am sure that he didn’t closed the contest for THAT.

    But to say that “my host told me to shut the contest off” seems pretty weird to me, especially when he was not the spammer.

  8. well it was not good for shoe’s reputation having all the spam in his name…
    Anyway who cares!

    You owe me an icecream now ;)

  9. Hey .. I will NOT give away icecream to men. If you have a chick hidden somewhere, ok .. i’ll give it to her, and maybe if she’s nice she’ll give it to you.

  10. Pretty lame end to a really lame contest. I have no doubt that had the contest run to the end, we would have seen someone take the keyword.

    What kind of web host would shut off his domain when it was allegedly other folks spamming “their shoemoney” domains. Before I enter any more SEO contests, I’ll want to see a contract and the prize money in escrow.

  11. I’ll want to see a contract and the prize money in escrow.

    Or at least not get the “my host told my to shut off the contest”.

    If my host would’ve told me that i would’ve sued their ass.

  12. Cristian my friend.

    You have to win this!

    I tell you a secret … I jumped 9 positions in the V7N contest SERPs from #9 to #1 by adding the KW at the end of all the comments (160 comments) using different formats – normal, bold, italics etc.

    Shoemoney !

  13. And BTW, shoemoney is still not showing more hits than Jim Westergren hehehehehe

    Smart contest I must say, he brands his company name full blast. Value perhaps $5K or something.

    Shoemoney !

  14. Well Jim, I have nothing against Jeremy, but if you read all my updates in the post, you will see that he chose a totally wrong path to resolve this situation.

  15. Oh …

    That was not nice. I believe you would have won, he realized that and instead of solving the hosting issue he ended the contest.


    Anyway, do well.

  16. cograts Cristian! I’m seeing you on 2nd place now. looks like you outranked Shawn? ;)

    beware, shoe can sue you for (ab)using his brand if you outrank him :p

  17. That would be a blast. He’s starting a SEO contest with the prize word beeing “Shoemoney” and after that sue me that I am first ?

    Anyway, I haven’t received any word from him (I am still banned from his website), regarding my payment, with which I am going to dress up and feed a homeless guy.

    I think he doesn’t have the $50 to pay. :D

    And PS: I’m only 15 in MSN. That’s shamefull of me.

    Cool ;)

  18. He came to my Web-Mastery forum and trolled me through a proxy. He warned me about making enemies of him. LOL

    My “New Shoemoney” site is in 11th or 12th now in Google. I stopped all link building efforts on the 6th.

    So much for impossibilities. The best quote I saw from Jeremy was how he didn’t know that “People were motivated by money”.

    But in any event, looks like Cristian will the be the New Shoe soon anyways :) Congrats.

  19. Shoemoney don’t make me ashamed you are simply awesome
    i also saw you Google Adsense payout in DP you are simply…
    i admire you

  20. it’s strange you’re #2 in google, but in yahoo and msn I can’t see it. Though you got lots of links so it should be the opposite :confused:

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