SEJ’s SEO Clinic offering free SEO advice

Loren from Search Engine Journal just brought the nice news bit:

SEO Clinic is a new project we are now offering on Search Engine Journal for webmasters and site owners which are not experiencing their desired or potential Google, Yahoo, and MSN rankings.

This is a free service, and it’s directed to non-professionals. I am sure that not all of you will have the benefit of getting the advice from the SEJ Experts, so please do remind yourself that, and don’t spam SEJ.

Who will Pimp your website’s SEO:

* Loren Baker : I’ve been involved in SEO for almost 10 years and my specializations are in basic on-site content oriented SEO, meta data, link building, local search, news & blog search optimization and social news marketing.
* Carsten Cumbrowski :Carsten tends to lean more to the technical side of SEO, building affiliate sites, working with content management systems & databases, supplemental results, and even dabs in the grey hat on occasion.
* Jessica Bowman :Jessica is also a long time SEO expert and her focus is on usability, driving conversions and reeling in users.
* Garrett French : Garrett’s strengths are in SEO copywriting and social media optimization. Mr. French is currently starting a new company, so his time is sparse, yet his insight is valuable.
* Ahmed Bilal :Ahmed is another SEO and Search Marketing specialist with expertise in professional blogging, link baiting and link building.
* Rhea Drysdale : Rhea, the newest Resident Pimp, focuses on merging SEO, Paid Search, Social Media Optimization, content development, split testing and Public Relations initiatives all into one fine and effective SEO campaign.
* Gemme van Hasselt : Gemme is an Internet Marketing Consultant who lives in Shanghai and specializes in SEO. With his base in China and International background, Gemme can lend some outside gathering of the box ideas to SEO campaigns.

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  1. Garrett French has left MarketSmart Interactive. Garrett is the last of many well-known and respected individuals who have worked at MarketSmart Interactive to leave.

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