Search results updated on all Bigdaddy DC’s

As i said in this post at Digital Point, all Bigdaddy DC’s are starting to show new results. Old sites of people who had them penalised while Jagger hit, are now regaining their initial positions, or even beter.

The Bigdaddy DC’s are :

Or you can check all three of them simultaniously, by using Tony’s BigDaddy Datacenter Watch Tool.

More-over, up until now, my SEO Directory was some how penalised for something (YES, this website was in DP Ad-Network, before Jagger hit) and it never had more than 5 indexed pages, altough months have passed since his creation, and altough it has thousands of IBLs from PR5 websites.

Well, not it has 90+ pages, all with descriptions and titles, and all is OK.

Another example is my former employer’s website, which i worked on for almoust 1,5 years, which had been very badly struck by Jagger. I lost back then, 95% of all positions (very very competitive #1 positions, in searches of hundreds of milions of pages).

Up until today, the website was exactly in the same phase as one day after Jagger Hit. Well, now ALL the positions i had before Jagger, are back. Positions like :

and many, many others.

After the Jagger penalisation, for the terms above, this website was nowhere to be found. By nowhere i mean not in the first 300 positions. But as I remember, i tried dozens of tools, to even find the website in the first 900. So the website was practically non-existant in Google.

Two of my other websites that got struck by Jagger, a long time ago, are also back on tracks.

This update, came with a new (and very important) other suprise. Another 3 websites i was working on, Server Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Gazduire ETP, have reached astronomic positions, from nowhere (I did work hard on them, after i took them in my grasps) :

Reseller hosting (#14 out of 82.300.000 results)

Server hosting (#41 out of 338.000.000 results)

Hosting (#11 out of 803.000.000 results) (sweet Gesus mother of GOD)

I’ll let you know more as they come.

Edit: As of 03.00 AM, 04.02.2006, it seems that the results from the Bigdaddy datacenters, have passed on to some of the other DC’s, so you might see the new results, in your average Google .

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  1. great job man, keep up the good work :P

    p.s.: does this mean that on monday you’ll speak even louder than you usually do?! :))))

  2. Big daddy has been great to me. I’m curious to see how it affected my page rank, something definatly happened because my site is much more competitive. I do try to add a couple of links per day and have been keeping this up for some time. Not sure if it was algorithm change, link age, adding links, or a convergence of all techniques.

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