Threadwatch down ?

Is Threadwatch really down ? or hacked ? or what ? In IE it shows a “page cannot be displayed” error, and in FF a blank page.

ThreadWatch Down IE ThreadWatch Down FF

This is the first time I ever saw it offline. Aaron ? :(

THe funny thing is that my own blog showed the same EXACT status when I tried to enter the administration back-end of WordPress. I fixed the problem by overwriting all the WordPress files from the standard kit.

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One thought on “Threadwatch down ?”

  1. I’m pleased it’s not just me. That’s happened to me twice in the last month. The first time I could some times log in but the admin panel seemed very flakey with pages stopping half way through. The second time I couldn’t load the wp-admin page.

    Like you I was able to fix it via copying the wp-admin folder over again. Very strange though.

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