The evil Google

Google is known to act on companies that own websites with Google’s trademarked names in them.

But isn’t this going too far ?

I mean (Nissan Computers – a computer manufacturer) is waging a war with the car maker Nissan Motor, just to keep their business name.

I went to a while back (some months), by mistake, and that was a very old marketing company, active since 1995. That’s even before Google existed. They had their ugly and simple presentation page in there, for so many years.

So no i enter again, and what do i find ? Almoust all content taken out and moved to , and a little notice :

If you think you can get rich quick doing nothing but count the money rolling in, please contact Google who has taken and used our business name without permission or compensation.

Seems to me, that either they sued Google for using their business name (they would have no chance in that, because they had to do that in a timely manner, not after X years), either Google sued them to get the domain name, or they are just plain damn tired to get so many calls and e-mails about Google’s Adsense product, with which they have nothing to do.

In one forum, it’s even said that the owner of even asked Google to purchase the domain (at a very reasonable price) and they said NO.

Google is such a dick these days, IMO. Getting in the way of purely legit companies, just for having some products. Well DOH Google…. Others have products and name too.

Some discussions on this issue are here and here (romanian).

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  1. I am pleased that I finally found phone number for adsense :) LOL, but its not google adsense

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