Internet marketing jobs: We need you

We at Kondiment Konversion are looking for a few more competent SEO guys (or girls).

If you are a SEO developer (coding) engineer, an PPC account manager, a SEO Junior Developer (directory submissions, keyword research, content analysis etc), a Researcher and Solution finder, an interactive salesperson (with a moderate to strong Internet Marketing knowledge base) please let us know.

We are especially looking for a couple of SEO Junior Developers right now.

No matter the job you are after, you must have competences and general knowledge in the search engine optimization industry, as well as an open mind.

All jobs are based in Bucharest, Romania.

You can send the CV’s and a few words to Mail

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19 thoughts on “Internet marketing jobs: We need you”

  1. Christian… Although Romania is a bit of a trip, let me know if / when you open your Canadian Headquarters in a few years :p

  2. Is this a freelancing opportunity? I have three years of experience in SEO and own the SEO site. I can do link exchanges, directories, keyword research, SEO copywriting and more. If it is freelancing, I would be interested.. Tomche

  3. Thanks Tomsche. Unfortunatelly, all the above positions are full-time and are based in Bucharest, Romania.

    I will put you on the collaborateurs section for future reference.

  4. Is the junior SEO paid well? Does he have the chance to grow up fast and step to the senior level quickly? Is it relevant and an advantage a strong experience in IT&C?

  5. As the search marketing and optimization industry is becoming more legitimized, there is a great need for qualified individuals within this field globally. What company would not hire good people who can help you attain top natural positions?

    It is advisable for anyone getting into the industry to read up as much as possible, not an one hour search engine optimization crash course before their interview. The people who you will meet and expected to support with your SEO services, whether in New York or Romania, know the industry well.

  6. I am looking for an internet marketing position in Romania.

    I am currently an online marketing professional, mostly working with online sales lead generation for, a national niche construction materials supplier. I designed that site, wrote everything in it, manage the contact form leads and initial responses, and manage all online advertising for the company.

    I also created and run a few other websites for fun.

    I have an MBA from the University of Houston and a BBA in Management from Texas A&M University.

    My wife is a Romanian, from Timisoara, and we have been considering moving to Romania.

    Let me know if I can help you.

  7. Hi,
    Iam from India and I have 2 years 2 months of experiences in SEO field. Can I apply for this job.
    I am ready to relocate to romania. If its ok then I wills end you the resume.


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