Indexed pages patterns across Google DCs

Today is the most stable day I have seen in months, as far as indexing patters and results on all of Google’s DCs.

I tested about 18 websites and every single one of them is showing aprox. the same number of indexed pages on all 48 DC’s I monitor, without any real major difference:

Indexed Pages - website 3 Indexed Pages - website 2 Indexed Pages - website 1

No 10.000 pages differences (remember all those websites that got their indexed pages reduced to virtually nothing ?), no 5 to 8 different values across different DCs as I have seen in the past 3 or 4 months. It’s as smooth as possible.

Maybe this trend goes on, and we’ll have a better indexing and crawling pattern for the future.

Please do not use the following DC’s because they are currently using OLD data (altough Matt says that the two DCs below are most relevant and up to date, that’s BS, at least for my websites) and pages not present on webservers for more than 1 year:

For checking indexed pages across multiple DC’s use these tools:

So does anybody (who had problems with their indexed pages) see their normal number of pages now ?

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