Google now treats the www and non-www versions as the same

Yes, that’s right .. And it’s treating my URLs like that without an input from me.. I just found out today, about this feature.

Try :

link: and link:
link: and link:
link: and link:

All results are the same for the www and non-www search.

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7 thoughts on “Google now treats the www and non-www versions as the same”

  1. That`s great, i`m really glad they did this. It was really wrong.
    But i am thinking at a fact, what if i make a website on the ‘www’ subdomain ?

  2. Bill, maybe there’s a spreading pattern, that’s not finished yet. I also told Jen (on the Webmasterradio chatroom), that I think, the option to treat www the same as the non-www version, is ON by default, in everyone’s sitemaps account (or if someone doesn’t have a sitemaps account, it’s still ON by default) and the OFF state (treat www as one entity, and non-www as another), is the one who’s activated by the user’s choice.

    Sandossu, you have that option in your sitemaps account. To disable or enable the feature.

  3. It`s a good update. It wasn`t fair to see two different sites with www and without it. I noticed that you can select a prefered domain, from your sitemaps account.

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