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  1. Not bad. They should give you the option of deleting the account as soon as you use it though. Since it doesn’t require a password, someone could conceivably try random combinations and grab other peoples confirmation emails before the 24 hours passed, giving them access to these new accounts. I know, a ton of combinations to try, but still. :)

  2. Email Warden is the best disposable email address program out!!! and its free. ;)

    -Provides Unlimited Disposable Email Addresses
    -Email Addresses never expire unless you turn them off
    -It is free of spyware/spamware
    -it is a very small installation toolbar addon available for firefox and internet explorer
    -It remembers every website you have been to so you can also use it to sign back into a site
    -It will remain FREE forever!

  3. Why go through the process of registering a disposable email. Why not just create a separate email account at email, and use it where you think you need to use the disposable email. I do the same.

  4. I use bugmenot often, it is a good way for me to submit to directories, register for forums, sign up for member profiles, etc. without giving my real email address away or fallen victim to the spam messages to come. Also, it is useful for signing up and registering for doing SEO for my clients.

    What’s even more cool is that http://www.bugmenot.com is really to get logins to sites which force you to register, I used it plenty of times to read news articles, like from a link someone left and when I clicked through it ask me for a login to continue or to read the article…like NYPost, Experts-Exchange, and WebmasterWorld

  5. I use http://deadaddress.com
    Simple, instant, anonymous and I have access to it all day unlike some of the other services like cosmorph. 15 minutes isn’t long enough for me.

    What was “Tech Blog” referring to above?

  6. I use soodonims.com.
    create addresses on the fly, and you can turn them off at so many levels.. the address, the domain level, by date, by quantity sent…

    Its free and fun to use. Lets u see which senders are the culprits when you receive spam.

    I NEVER give out my email address any more, just soodonims.

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