FeedBlendr – Blend all your feeds into one

FeedBlendr - Blend all your feeds into one Yesterday whilst updating my feeds in Bloglines, I was thinking: hey I could use a single feed that had all my other feeds.

No worries, FeedBlendr is here. It will blend an unlimited number of feeds (RDF, RSS or Atom/XML) to a single feed, hosted on their server. It can also import an OPML file (most online readers, Bloglines included, can export all your feeds as an OPML file) from a file on your HDD or from a web address.

Here are all my 93 (current) reading sources (except Abakus which I had to remove, because it has some problems in it’s feed, and FeedBlendr would not complete the process), merged into a single RSS or ATOM feed.

PS: I don’t know why, but (at least for me and my 90+ reading feeds) it does move pretty slow, and sometimes even stalls my browser. Maybe with lesser sources it’s more stable ?

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6 thoughts on “FeedBlendr – Blend all your feeds into one”

  1. why one feed???

    fe. in google reader there are all feeds in a list. it is just so, than its one feed (but you ever know which feed it is)…

  2. Sometimes you really need to know what happens… You don’t care the source of the event. That’s why the tool recommended by Cristian looks good. Thanks.

  3. Btw Cristian, I tested the tool myself… and I think it’s slow because it grabs the rss data it agregates on the fly. If you’re interested, you could have a server-side cronjob on your server that would fetch all your rss feeds on a per hour basis(for instance) and create a single output feed. That’s very easy to create. And I bet it would beat (as speed) the FeedBlendr.

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