Conclusion : Text near the links anchor

So i started the link anchor and adjacent text test a while ago. Now, both those test pages are indexed, and i have to say that my initial thought was right :)

I chose the seopedia members rule keyphrase, because it had/has virtually no real competition, as search results go, and we could better see the results (and because i liked John’s v7ndotcom elursrebmem contest too :p).

With this test i wanted to see if the the text near (right of) any text link, could influence the power (value, weight) given to the linked website. And it DOES influence it. Positively.

Here is the search of seopedia members rule.

Seopedia members rule google results

The seopedia-members-rule-1.html page is first in the results, and that’s exactly what should’ve happend. If you look at the sidebar in the index page, at the SEO Tests section, you will see that this page had the most relevant text, Seopedia members rule as close to the link as possible, without being called keyword spam :)

Sidebar test links

I want to mention again, that BOTH the test pages, have EXACTLY the same content (to the bit), exactly the same hosted IP, domain, server, country, ISP, folder path and so on.

One quick thought : the seopedia-members -rule-1.html page could have been placed first because the link pointing to it, appeared first in the source code, too. But this is not the issue here, and it’s yet another subject for a future test :)

So when you link to websites, try to invest a little bit more time, and include the text of the link’s anchor, right next to the link itself.

You can also read Jim’s article on text around your links… Keeping it Natural Looking…

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6 thoughts on “Conclusion : Text near the links anchor”

  1. Here’s a good example how to use text near links:

    P.S.: if you’re afraid to link to bad neighbours feel free to delete the link ;)

    if you’re bored like me, try to count how many times viagra is mentioned there :P

  2. Hi Cristian i am reading you tips from last few weeks . But here i am little confused and want to confirm that if we insert a link to any keyword than we have to use same keywords near that link text .

    So this means when we write post about anyone we should hyperlink keywords related to his blog or author name on that review .

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