10 new or improved features I want, from 10 online services

I’ve got something to suggest to some of the online services I use, features that could really make the day for a lot of their users.

I don’t expect representatives (except Unicredit’s) from these services to jump right ahead and take action on what I suggest, but at least take note of them.

Here they are:

  1. Google Search: Implement a linkdomain: operator and make the link: operator work with the -site: operator, like Yahoo!’s: linkdomain:www.seopedia.org -site:www.seopedia.org.
  2. Google Adsense: Allow us to filter out unwanted ads more efficiently. The maximum 200 URLs that we can enter into the Competitive Ad Filter are just not enough. Maybe allow us to use filters on the TLD itself ? Maybe regional filters ? Or just allow us more then 200 URLs. Moreover, you guys at Google could come up with a community controlled arbitrage/spam filter, exactly like the one Gmail has, this way: If 100/500/1000 people block a certain URL in their AdSense account, that would trigger a filter that could either automatically a MFA status to that particular URL, or an AdSense representative could go and check the website out manually. If it’s a MFA, put it in the system. I know MFA’s are good earners too Google, but think of the other users that bring cash. Us, not the spammers and arbitrageurs.
  3. Digg: Guys, please make a page where buried items can be un-buried. A lot of good stories are getting buried for no reason. I’m not talking about spam. I’m a Digg user, I submit stories (mainly blogs, because those are the websites I read), but I am getting frustrated to see so many good ones being buried because some troll users think so. Give us a chance to combat that small number of users that make the Digg experience really not so pleasant. You think it’s best to leave the burying to the community, without any intervention from your part right ? That’s the most UNwise thing you could do. Anytime of the day 5-10 people can make a team and can decide what stories make it to the frontpage, and what stories don’t make it, right in the upcoming section, where the needed buries are just a few, to actually bury the story. Take Netscape’s example. They have a report button, not a bury button and moderators decide if that story really disserves to be taken down.
  4. Bloglines: Whenever I click on a feed on the left panel, please don’t mark all the new posts as read. Only mark the posts that I read. I always wanted that, because sometimes when I’m not that active on the web, I read only some of the new posts in a feed. Later on, maybe I want to come back and read the rest. Also, verify some of the latest problems some of us are having.
  5. 2Checkout: Make a central administration console, where users can administer accounts for all their websites. You guys currently require a separate account for each URL. That’s insane. What if I want to sell products from 50 websites, trough you guys ? 50 logins ? It’s killing me (and a lot others I guess) because I already have a couple of them (logins).
  6. Alexa & Amazon: I understand that business sometimes takes you in unwanted places and makes you pull up unneeded features, but please stop telling people that my visitors buy sex and hip-hop books:

    People who are interested in seopedia.org also bought:

    BYO Split Series, Vol. 3 ~ NOFX
    Walk Together, Rock Together ~ 7 Seconds
    Kings of Gangster Bop ~ Royal Crown Revue
    Goddess Worship: How to make any woman feel worsh… by www.NewSex.org
    Learn to Hip Hop Volumes 1 & 2 by www.joesworld.org
    Learn to Hip Hop Volume 1 & 2 by joesworld.org

  7. Technorati: Please update your search results more often. I mean, I post a post about AdSense, with an AdSense tag, and until you update the search results, my post is somewhere on the 3rd search results page for that tag. Also, please update the rankings more often. And speaking of rankings and algorithms, you could insert this into your current ranking algorithm: placing a higher importance on links from blogs which in their turn have a lot of links towards them. To be clearer, don’t put the same weight on a link from a blog that has 5 links or one that has 3000 links. Think BlogRank™
  8. Performancing: Whenever I check my Metrics account I keep getting the visits from Netscape.com (the social news website) as search engine visitors. Netscape IS a search engine, but they also have the social news portal. So please count visits from Netscape.com only if they come from Netscape’s search engine, where the referring URL contains http://search.netscape.com/ns/ or http://www.netscape.com/search/. Thanks Nick.
  9. Unicredit Bank: The bank that currently holds my bank accounts and credit cards. Please go broke, so that I can move on. You ruined my inner childhood.
  10. DMOZ: Please issue an e-mail when a website is rejected. I don’t care about specific comments, because I know what an editor does or doesn’t, and that he(she) doesn’t have the time to write custom rejection letters. But please let me know if my website is still in the queue or not.

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15 thoughts on “10 new or improved features I want, from 10 online services”

  1. Chris, I can’t understand you. Why in the name of all saints are you still using a services that let you down? I’m talking here about the banking services from Unicredit. There are a lot of banks that have great services. Do the switch man. :)

    Btw… have a great inner-childhood :).

  2. I submit for numer 10! Is so frustrating when you just have to wait, and wonder, and hope… It’s true that all my websites have been aproved until now, really quick, but a e-mail notice would be very appreciated…

  3. Chris, BT is the best bank, with the best services and best support in Cluj. Maybe because their headquarters is in Cluj, but their services are the best arround here. I trust them with my own finance, and the finance of the two companies I have.

  4. None of these seem like very unreasonable requests. Maybe your bank going broke….

    I hope they change. I’d really like to have ym stuff on Technorati a bit higher too.

  5. Good thoughts. RE technorati, I would like to add freshness to the algorithm. My old blog, which I haven’t updated in almost 200 days, is ranked 4 times higher (better) than my newer blog, which I post to daily. And yes, they need to update their info more frequently, and need to upgrade their servers. Way too slow!

  6. Talking about features … I just discovered the blog reaction thingy from Technorati.

    I first saw it in Joi Ito’s blog (a blog with PR 7 now but it had 8 a few months ago when I added to my bookmarks) and I though … mhhh must be good.

    I’m just testing it through to see what it does.
    Does anyone else know something about it?

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