Jakarta theme IE rendering problem fix

Well, it wasn’t quite a bug, but so many people complained about my WordPress blog being HARD to read (because Internet Explorer rendered a silly shadow effect/filter wrong, in the stylesheet of the Jakarta theme) that i had to do something.

I also found several other people had problems or at least one problem with this Jakarta theme, over at Scarlet Blaze (the one who created the Jakarta theme) or at WordPress support pages.

Some blog directories i submitted to, told me they can’t approve my blog (i was amazed and happy to see such dedication, so i thank them for their quality coeficient) because the site crashed their PC :

Your blog was declined for the following reason: Sorry, your blog crashes my computer everytime.

So seeing lots of professionals use IE too (i stopped using Internet Explorer for 3 years now) here is the little IE fix for the Jakarta WordPress theme :

In the CSS stylesheet (found in /wp-content/themes/jakarta/style.css), find :

FONT-SIZE: 62.5%;
COLOR: #867663;
FONT-FAMILY: Georgia, Verdana, “times New Roman”, Times, Serif;
MARGIN: 25px;
filter: Shadow(color:gray, strength:10, direction:135);

and remove :

filter: Shadow(color:gray, strength:10, direction:135);

from those Body properties.

Now the template should render very fast, as fast as in Firefox actually. The only drawback is that you don’t have that border effect in IE, in the right part of the theme.

Now go and browse (with Internet Explorer) the initial and original template, and the modified template in my blog. A rendering change right ? ;)

Later edit : one more usefull thing about the Jakarta theme. For all you out there using it, if you want a little more fine blockquote graphic, use this one, that i modified for my blog. It’s not so huge :)

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  1. you can replace that shadow effect with a background in css, so it will also show in firefox, and also not crash or really slow down ie.

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