Washington Post’s 1996 web version

Hey .. People never realise how easy it is to find information, if you have enough experience with the web.

So i was reading some article in the Washington Post, and it suddenly went to my mind, to check the robots.txt of the website (i oftenly do that with lots of other websites).

I noticed the “Disallow: /wp-srv/test/” line … So i enter at that address. I said hey .. They are testing some JsUnit open-source software.. That’s OK.

But i added an /images/ bit (i usually do this too) to the above url, and BAM :

The 96′ version of Washington Post.

Since they disallow Archive.org’s bot from their pages, this is a pretty nice webpage to look at.

Washington Post in 1996 Washington Post in 1996

And hey .. Have a look at the links on that page. Footer links, sidebar links, etc. It’s really interesting to know how the 96′ Washington Post website was structured.

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