Funny e-mails

Now here are some nice funny e-mails i received trough my contact page at IT Portal :

This was yesterday (I translated from Romanian) :

From: wip

A retorical question : I wonder from where to where do you think you are experts, having in mind that none of you are above 23 years old. Oh my god.

Now for some older one (about one of my news article) :

21 December, From santtos alexander luchian

“It has already been said about Yahoo’s intentions to launch a new version of the instant messenger client, which will allow anyone to call fixed or mobile telephone destinations in over 180 countries.”

How can you put such news online, especially if you say you are an IT portal. You don;t control what you put on your website ? How is it possible for me to see that a search engine, which among others is a simple script, launches a software ????

If i saw this news in another place, it was not such a big deal, but i see it in an IT portal. After all your publicity i was hoping i could find something interesting.

Now isn’t this beautifull ? Yahoo! is just a search engine script. How could he release a software like an IM ??? :)

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One thought on “Funny e-mails”

  1. Well I am pleased to see that the sender of that email has worked out that Yahoo is a script!
    The world has some really bright cookies roaming around doesn’t it.
    I get an email everyday by one of my search engines users, asking if I would like to link up to his real estate agent site. I have posted him the link to press that displays his sites results in the search engine, a link to our web directory showing his entry and then even a list of the files our webspider managed to findfrom his site. Yet he still keeps demanding that we link up to his site or he will remove the link to us!
    I just wonder how much power a link really has?
    He really thinks it is worth a fortune.
    He must have read something about trading links somewhere!

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