Do you like my face ?

I just recently found out about Doyoulikemyface, with the help of Blogmaster at the Digital Point Forums.

You can put your face amongst the crowd, remove it or change your URL.
I just went there and made a change for that blank spot. Not really going for that top left corner, but hey … It’s nice to be in a million-dolar like page.

Btw. It’s a free service. Maybe later it will not be anymore, so get your grip and post your pretty face ;)

PS: If you scroll to the bottom of the website, and hit the Ctrl+A, you will see the hidden text : “make money with blog, blog traffic, blogs, weblogs, link to my blog, free links to blog”

So it’s a little spammy. But hey… It’s still a nice free ideea :)

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Cristian Mezei

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3 thoughts on “Do you like my face ?”

  1. Hey. Thanks for posting your picture on our website.

    Just to let you know that the weird text thing was just a desperate try to get some relevant google ads, which we were not getting on the site.

    But it’s gonna be gone pretty soon, since we decided not to have google ads around. Instead, we will have more rooms for pictures. probably if we happen to sell at least one ad, it will pay for the whole website, so we are gonna sorta relax about the whole thing i guess. ;)

  2. That’s a nice thing to hear.

    We are trying to fight seo spam, so it’s a nice move from your part.

    Anyway, the ideea is nice. Especially because it’s a free service.

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