PREMIER: Adsense testing new ad functions

Have a look at the ads that i just saw 2 minutes ago in the header of this blog. They are your standard AdSense for content, Text and Image ad unit, 728×90 leaderbord format.

Adsense testing new ad functions Adsense testing new ad functions

I think this is a premier layout, and i would love to see Jen say a word or two about them.

Jeremy just told me that this has been in tests for some time now, BUT i never saw any similar ads, anywhere else, up until now.

Can anyone point out some other pages discussing the issue ?

Update: A discussion thread at Digitalpoint.

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6 thoughts on “PREMIER: Adsense testing new ad functions”

  1. Hi,

    on my site, I saw this kind of ads sometimes in the last few days. It’s a site in german. Maybe it will be a new feature after testing this kind of ads…


  2. Jen just posted in some topic i wrote in SEW and DP and told that this layout has been in tests for about 1,5 years.

    Yahoo has also been testing this new layout.

    My 2cents: I never saw them before, and i browse the web like for ages now. It means that they had a very low distribution patters “some time ago”, and now they have an outstanding low one ? :)

  3. I am sorry to say that I also have not seen or even read anything about these ad’s as well, they look intresting I have to say and I would also love to give them ago, thank you for showing us mate.

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