Adwords ad optimization

So i was browsing the net right ? Well i came upon an adwords ad (my friend Marius Ciocan directed my attention on it) in the Google search results (right hand Adwords column), that really caught my attention. I click on it right away.

I must say, i have an Adwords rate of click of about 0,00000001 per year. So if this Adwords ad forced me to click it, it’s really an astonishing forward improvement.

Here it is (prepared by me in Corel so that you can see the issue):

Adwords Ad optimization

The two small rectangular special characters were just inputed in the adword ad title, and the ad came up as you see it above.

I think this is a great way to catch attention. I do not know yet, if this brakes Adword’s Editorial Guidelines, but i will get into this.

That particular character has the HTML code :


I am so amazed that Google permited any type of rich text input, for their Adwords ads, at all. This clearly is unethical, and it’s quite an advantage over the rest of the Adwords clients :)

I encountered this type of optimization to many other Adwords ads, by searching adsese as well as other terms.

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